Ryan the window cleaner using a step ladder to help him clean a window on a house in Sydney

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Ryan's Window Cleaning different from any other Sydney window cleaning company?

I know that tradespeople are notorious for turning up late. You will never have that problem with me.

And if there is any reason why I will be a few minutes late, I will always contact you to let you know.

Additionally, I am completely passionate about the job I do for my customers. I won't even accept your payment unless you are entirely happy with the job which I have done.

I have all the necessary equipment to clean your windows to perfection, safely and efficiently.

Plus, I will clean your windows on any day you need me to ... even Sundays!

Does Ryan's Window Cleaning provide invoices?

I am always happy to provide an invoice upon completion of the job if it is required, just let me know.

When is payment required?

I don't accept payment in advance. I only want you to pay when you are 100% happy with the job which I have done for you.

That's why I invite your inspection before requesting payment. If anything is not to your satisfaction, I will rectify it immediately.

How much notice is required to make an appointment?

Give me a call and see what I have available. I don't have a minimum notice period and will always try to fit you in as soon as possible; sometimes even the same day!

How frequently should I have my windows cleaned?

At Ryan's Window Cleaning, I believe that windows are incredibly important to a person or family's wellbeing. They let the light in, they make you feel good about the presentation of your home and they let you look out on the world with pride.

How often you have your windows cleaned is entirely up to you and your budget. Some of my customers have standing monthly bookings; others call me once a year when they're spring cleaning.

Homes in beach areas need their windows cleaned more regularly because of the sea spray. Whatever your requirements, I am pleased to clean your windows whenever you feel it necessary.

What are the benefits in having windows professionally cleaned?

You work hard and you deserve your down time. My customers enjoy presenting their most valuable asset in its best light.

Professional window cleaning comes with some very important advantages:

Safety - Avoid doing hazardous jobs that are better off handled by a well-equipped professional.

Hard work - I do this job every single day so for me, it's a process that I have streamlined to make it efficient and straightforward.

For the average person, window cleaning is arduous, exhausting and time consuming.

Time - I arrive, set up, get your windows sparkling, clean up and leave. It takes a professional window cleaner roughly one quarter the time to get the job done than it takes a home owner. I have even been called to take over where customers have started trying to clean their own windows and given up.

Cobwebs removed - When I clean your windows, I remove all cobwebs to keep spiders at bay and keep you, your family and visitors safe.

Spare the exhaustion during moving - When moving house, you have way too much to do to start cleaning windows. I get them sparkling while you finish packing.

Bond cleans - Landlords and real estate agents never have an issue with the condition of windows I have cleaned.

Are you fully insured?

Absolutely; I am covered for up to $5,000,000 public liability. I would be happy to forward a copy of my Certificate of Currency upon request.

Will you still come if it is raining?

It will depend on the severity of the rain.

I will contact you if I believe it would be best to reschedule.

Will the rain dirty the freshly washed windows

Rain is pure and clean and when it falls on sparkling, clean windows, it doesn't dirty them. Windows become dirty from a build-up of smog, dust, sea spray and other pollutants.

Windows will maintain their cleanliness for an extended period of time, depending on where you live.

As a part of the service, in the unlikely event that there are marks on the windows following rain, I am more than happy to come back and correct the problem. This offer applies only if it rains within 48 hours of job completion.

I never want my customers to feel they've wasted their money. I want you to recommend me to your friends. It's essential to me that you're happy with the job I have done.

What payments methods do you accept?

I accept debit card, credit card (Visa and Mastercard) and cash.

What if my windows are hard to get to due to screens, slats, height or bars?

It is rare that I am unable to clean a window one way or the other. I have all the tools I need and I will usually always find a way to clean it.

I work Monday to Friday so I can only have my windows cleaned on the weekend. Is this possible?

It's not a problem at all! Ryan's Window Cleaning is available 7 days a week for your convenience.

Also, I do not charge extra for weekends! You shouldn't be penalised for working hard and having to book home services for the weekend!

What if I have large dogs or other animals?

I love and am passionate about animals. I can promise you that your pets will be at ease with me around. I am extremely good with animals and have no allergies.

I've read all I need to know. How do I contact you to make a booking?

You simply Contact Ryan - I would love to hear from you!